Thursday, September 15, 2011

Too Good Not to Share

Wednesday night, September 14, 2011 it was a “Movies and Matches” night. No one showed up to play any match chess. However, there were a few of us for the “Movie.”

To be sure, this was not a movie in the normal “movie” sense. Instead it was a selection from that was free for public consumption. I titled it “Knightmare!” as it was a case of an eventual good Knight against a bad Bishop where the play with the Knight resulted in a Knightmare for the player with the bad Bishop

Peter Lumbaers with the Black pieces provides solid instruction on how to win with the smallest of advantages – in this case a good Knight vice a bad (but not too bad) Bishop – against Anne Haast with the White pieces.

He is very frank about the position being a draw, until Ms. Haast made an error resulting in amplifying Lumbaers’ Knight’s mobility as well as that of his King.

If you care to watch 25 minutes of quality instruction for free, you may find the game here. I have seen it three times and enjoyed it each time as well as learning something each time.

Watch, learn, enjoy, and be entertained - all at the same time.

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