Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bad Move

There is a lot of talk about a vote coming up at the UN to create a new state, a Palestinian state. Much of this is happening because President Obama endorsed the idea of a Palestinian state. Bad move Mr. President.

Just how bad?

Ask yourself how many Jews live and work in the area that wants to become a Palestinian state? Take your time, actually look it up.

Okay, time is up. The answer is zero, none, nada.

If you are a Jew in Egypt it is not as bad, but you are actually subject to attack at any time. And if you are attacked because you are mistaken for a Jew, the response is, "Sorry, we thought you were a Jew" as if that explains everything and makes it alright.

It doesn’t .

Since turnabout is fair play, let’s ask how many Palestinians or Arabs work and live in Israel, homeland of the Jewish people?

The answer is approximately 20% of the population of Israel is made up of Arabs or 1.5 million. They live in freedom under the protection of the Jewish state, they and their families living in peace.

And it is Israel that is reviled, not Palestine.

Bad move Mr. President.

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