Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Right Now!

Fiction - by Riley D. Driver

Right from the start I want to state my complete and total agreement with

- The Honorable Mr. Thomas Menino, Mayor of Boston, Massachusetts who wants to ban Chick-fil-A from Boston
- The Honorable Mr. Rahm Emanuel, Mayor of Chicago, Illinois, who stated clearly, “Chick-fil-A’s values are not Chicago values”
- The Honorable Ms. Christine Quinn, NYC Council Speaker who wants Chick-fil-A to leave New York University’s campus
- The Honorable Mr. Jim Kenney, Philadelphia City Councilman who introduced a resolution condemning the Chick-fil-A company and its president

They and others in various states and cities are correct in opposing such an intolerant company as Chick-fil-A and its leadership for seriously holding onto ancient invalid intolerant Christian values that would condemn various behaviors as sinful.

How awful. How ugly. How hurtful.

Let’s be clear, anyone holding such awful, ugly, hurtful beliefs should be unable to own a business, much less open them in our open tolerant beautiful accepting of all life styles cities.

How dare they?

I really do not understand why they are permitted to own businesses when they can take their profits and use those profits to support their awful, ugly, and hurtful beliefs. This must be stopped. I know it can’t be done immediately, but a way must be found to stop this as soon as possible.

Nor do I want to hear anything about how we have to be or should be accepting and tolerant of such awful, ugly, hurtful Christian beliefs. Tolerance should never be extended to those who oppose an open society that is accepting and loving towards any and all lifestyles. Never. Never. Never.

We need to really start a full-fledged campaign to make everyone aware that these so-called loving Christians with their awful, ugly, hurtful Christian beliefs are not worthy of the rights and freedoms the rest of us enjoy when we fully accept and love those in any and all lifestyles that are not stained with such an ugly belief or faith. They are not the same as us, they are not worthy of the freedoms we enjoy, they must be flushed out and identified wherever they are and then they must be denied any position of trust and authority.

They, those bible believing Christians, are simply not like us, not at all like us. They are intolerant of the lifestyles we accept as an accepting and loving society. We must rid ourselves of these bible believing Christians – they are like vermin spreading a disease of awful, ugly, hurtful beliefs among us. This disease of intolerance cannot be permitted to continue.

We must not be swayed by their double talk of loving the sinner, but hating the sin. That is simply a fancy way of covering up the how unaccepting and unloving they are of our cherished lifestyles that they say their god condemns. How can they be truly-loving, if they spread such awful, ugly, hurtful beliefs?

They must be stopped. They must be identified. They must be separated from us. This must be done to protect our tolerant, accepting, and loving culture of any and all lifestyles.

To the same end, they must not be permitted to raise young beautiful children to have to such awful, ugly, and hurtful beliefs. The children must be removed from them to avoid the spread of these horribly intolerant beliefs to their young. Instead their children must be taught how wonderful and loving it is to accept all beliefs in our open and loving worldwide culture of tolerance.

This must be done soon, as soon as possible.


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